09 Jan

One doesn't become an HSP because they experience intense emotional phases. High sensitivity is a personality trait, not a disease or whim. The causes are not yet fully understood, but it's believed that genetic, neurological, and environmental factors play a role.

How to find out?

To find out if you're an HSP, you can take an online test on the Zart Besaitet website (or other english websites). As you start delving into the subject matter, you'll soon realize whether you're an HSP or not. Because you'll recognize yourself in many of the signs of distress that come with it, as well as in the way things are perceived.

You're different, you think differently, you feel differently.
You have at least one of these sensitivities: sensitivity to light, sensitivity to noise, vulnerability, overexcitability, sensory overload...
For example, I have hypersensitivity of the skin, especially to materials other than cotton. Even cashmere makes me itch.

Continuous overstimulation can lead to sleep disorders. This, in turn, weakens the entire nervous system, as we need restful sleep to regenerate.
An important issue is also career choice - am I using these characteristics for myself here, or are they working against me? Because I'm in a work environment that constantly drains me, which in turn leads to illness in the long run.

A fun fact is that apparently all HSPs share the incredible importance of truth to them and have a big problem with lying. Even lying to themselves.
Physically, hypersensitivity can also be treated because there is a weakness in being able to filter well. This is particularly evident in the pericardium and small intestine meridians. Here, Shiatsu is incredibly effective because we can strengthen these meridians on one hand and calm the entire nervous system at the same time. Acupuncture also works well, but it lacks the human physical touch, which is why I prefer Shiatsu in this case.

How do I know if I'm an HSP? There's a lot to say on the subject, I recommend the Zart Besaitet website, where you can really find all the information on the topic. Here you can also take an online test.

In my opinion, the most important thing is to become aware of what you need, what is good for you, and what is not, and to create a life where there is no continuous overstimulation and where you can unfold ideally, instead of pulling the covers over your head every day.
What could this life look like? If you want, we can find out together in coaching.

Yes, I want that!

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