18 Apr

Self-care is essential - for yourself, your well-being, your health and your surrounding. And self-care can be fun too. In my workbook The Holistic Self-Care Journal, we get the opportunity to think and rethink ourselves, to nourish ourselves and to grow. We look into our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being, set goals and track our successes. You will also get some tips & tricks and here's one: 

The Self-Care Ideas Jar

Push the generate button to pick a number. Then go for it!

Here's a selection of 20 ideas from my jar:

1. Take a few deep breaths
2. Go for a walk in nature
3. Make a healthy meal
4. Do some yoga
5. Spend time with friends and family
6. Meditate
7. Read a good book
8. Take a relaxing bath
9. Write in this journal
10. Get a good night’s sleep
11. Take some time for yourself
12. Do something you enjoy
13. Give yourself a compliment
14. Listen to soothing music
15. Spend time in prayer or reflection
16. Connect with loved ones
17. Make a vision board
18. Exercise
19. Take a break from electronics
20. Drink lots of waterxt

Work with The Holistic Self-Care Journal

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